Galicia food

Spain: Grilled octopus with

One of Galicia's principal industries is fishing, so there is wonderful fresh fish available everywhere in Galicia. Galicia is considered the seafood capital of Spain. Besides fish, there are other plates that one should try to get the complete experience of Galicia.

1. Pulpo a la Feira - Octopus is beaten to tenderize it, and then boiled and cooked with salt and paprika, with olive oil. Usually only the tentacles are served. The dish is a bit spicy and is usually served on a wooden platter.

2. Salpicon de Mariscos - This is a seafood salad that contains octopus, shrimp, mussels and other seafood. The vegetables used are tomatoes and green pepper, and served with olive oil and vinegar.

3. Galdo Gallego - There are many variations of this hearty soup. It may contain beans, green vegetables, pork, ham, chorizo and potatoes.

4. Empanada Gallega - This is flat stuffed pastry that may be filled either with seafood, such as tuna or cod, or meat. It may contain bell pepper, tomato, and garlic.

5. Tetilla Cheese - This is a mild cheese with little salt, and is sold in the form of a woman's breast.

6. Tarta de Santiago (St. James Cake) - This is a dense almond cake that honors the memory of St. James. Many times it is topped with powdered sugar. There is a slight flavor of lemon.

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