Weather in Galicia

Weather in Galicia makes

Galicia is on the North West coast of Spain. To the Spanish, Galicia can sometimes be viewed as the rainy and wet region but this is not necessarily the case. With its warm Mediterranean climate Galicia is still a destination for an enjoyable holiday with a good selection of beaches and bays to choose from.

Granted, there is a considerable amount of rain in spring, autumn and Winter! But, as long as visitors come prepared for the rain and check the weather forecast, Galicia is a fine resort where holidaymakers can find their own entertainment. Galicia does not teem with tourists compared to busier and more well-known holiday resorts in Spain and as such is ideal for a peaceful break away from the mad rush of life at home.

Summer is typically the hottest and driest time of year in Galicia, with an average high of 21°C in June and 23°C in July and August. The average low temperatures for

Galicia are 11°C in June, 12°C in July and 13°C in August.

Compared to the three other seasons, summer receives little rainfall in Galicia with only 52mm of rain in June over 10 days and 64mm of rain over 10 days in August. July is the driest time of year with just 39mm of rain over 9 days of precipitation.

Average hours of sunlight in Galicia are not particularly impressive at only 7 hours in June and 8 hours of sunlight in both July and August.

Autumn cools down slightly as the autumn months draw on, with a normal low of 11°C in September, 9°C in October and 6°C in November, but can still be warm, with an average high temperature of 21°C in September, 17°C in October and 12°C in November. Autumn is considerably wetter than summer with 101mm of rainfall in September on average, 204mm of rain in November and a very wet 215mm of precipitation in October (the wettest month of Autumn). September has 12 rainy days, October to 17 days of rain and November receiving the most rainy days at 18.

Winter is typically the coldest time of year in Galicia, but all of its average low temperatures are above freezing at 4°C in December and 3°C from January to February. The average high temperatures are rather warm for winter at 10°C in December and January and 11°C in February, the warmest month in winter.

Winter is quite a dark time of year in Galicia and days of sunlight are short, at only 4 hours in December and just 3 hours in January and February.

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